Thinking of starting a new business?

Have you considered the sacrifices starting a small business takes?

Less time for your family for example?

TimeAway’s goal is to reduce the time away...

so you can focus on why you are starting the business in the first place.

Let us help you make a plan.

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Do you have a plan to beat the statistics?

According to the Small Business Association, here is the fate of new businesses.


fail within 2 Years


fail within 5 Years


fail within 10 Years


make it 15 years or longer

Let Us Help You Start Your New Business

TimeAway’s focus is on individuals and groups who are in the beginning stages of developing a new product or service.  Our goal is to simply listen to our customers plans and strategies to assist by making suggestion to help them succeed based on our experience and our growing knowledge.

Our mission is to focus on your new business starting off in a positive direction.

We want to eliminate potential setbacks that could hinder your project from a smooth takeoff.

Being focus, strong business model and measuring risk are what we want to concentrate on initially.

Industries We Work With

  • Real Estate 15%
  • New Product Development 20%
  • IT 5%
  • Daycare 10%
  • Education 5%
  • Tax Specialist 5%
  • Service Development 10%
  • Other 30%